August 31, 20153:44 am Authored By: ui_user

Said Ganjar 4Electricity is an absolute need to move and develop economy, and also to support people’s daily life, so the Government obligates to fulfill people’s developing electricity need. So that the Government is trying to meet electricity consumption need through various programs such as Fast Track Program I and II, and also the program of 35.000 MW.

Some remote areas in Indonesia are having electricity crisis because there is no balance between electricity need and electricity supply. Other areas are crisis because the growth of electricity needs is not accompanied by the growth of its electricity capacity. The condition possibly happens in many areas in Indonesia such as in Central Java. Central Java is predicted to be in electricity crisis by 2017, if there is no capacity addition. Electricity capacity addition is not only an obligation, but it is a must.

“We have 24 national electricity systems, but only half of the system are in normal condition, not having any margin or even minus. So, the program of 35.000 MW is not a dream, but is a must,” said the Minister Sudirman when handing over 10% of PI to Central Java and West Java, Wednesday (19/8).

The program of 35.000 MW is one of strategic program in Presidential Regulation Draft regarding the Acceleration of Governmental Strategic Projects Development. Electricity need for 35.000 MW is the prediction of electricity need fulfillment by having economic growth for 6% within the next five years. “35.000 MW is a necessity. If we are not able to build 35.000 MW within the next five years, then there will be more areas living in darkness. So, we have to fight for it,” said Sudirman. (AK)