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Target Listrik 35.000 MW Tidak Akan Direvisi

JAKARTA – Pemerintah tidak akan merubah sedikitpun target pertambahan kapasitas listrik 35.000 MW yang saat ini sedang dijalankan. Penambahan kapasitas listrik tersebut diperlukan untuk menyeimbangkan pertumbuhan tenaga listrik sebesar 8,7% per tahun dan untuk meningkatkan  rasio elektrifikasi menjadi 97,4% pada thaun 2019.

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The Intersection of Water, Energy and Climate

This week, global experts gather in Stockholm for World Water Week amidst a backdrop of water-related crises worldwide. The U.S. state of California is experiencing a record-breaking four-year drought. Brazil and South Africa have electricity, water and food supply shortages due to low precipitation. Puerto Rico residents are also feeling the pinch, with rations limiting tap water access to just twice a week. This issue of water and climate change is central in this week’s discussions, with the UN Climate Change Conference set to negotiate a global climate action agreement beginning in just three months.

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Interview: Behind Spanish island’s ‘100% renewable energy’ project headlines

The International Renewable Energy Association (IRENA) recently released its electricity storage technology roadmap, looking at how electricity storage can support the increased deployment of renewable energy.

The roadmap highlighted the necessity of electricity storage in remote areas and on islands, but also cited this as an economic opportunity.

For some time IRENA and other experts have said that islands could act as test cases and models for energy storage in the wider market.

Last week, PV Tech Storage reported that Spain’s El Hierro, the most southerly of the Canary Islands, managed to use a combination of only wind, hydro and energy storage to meet the energy needs of all of its 10,000 locals for a total of four hours.

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Why small-scale hydroelectric plants benefit local communities

To provide more clean energy, particularly in fast-growing Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, the world needs more hydropower dams, energy experts say.

But a surge in building of big dams is also leading to poor people being displaced and losing rights to water – something that needs to be addressed if more dam projects go ahead, community leaders and researchers say.

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