Energy Systems Engineering



Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering
Kampus Baru UI, Depok 16424
West Java, Indonesia


Yoga Wienda Pratama was born in Jember, November 20 1992 and is now a lecturer staff at the Department of Chemical Engineering, Universitas Indonesia. His interests are in chemical and energy systems engineering, particularly energy and process systems optimization. He obtained his Bachelor of Engineering (2013) and Master of Engineering (2014) degrees in Chemical Engineering from Universitas Indonesia. In 2016, he obtained his Master of Engineering in Energy Systems Engineering degree from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor. In Ann Arbor, he received an elite Sigma Theta Mu honor society membership as a recognition of his outstanding academic records.

He has involved in many research and projects related to the field. In 2013, he joined a research collaboration between Universitas Indonesia and Kyoto University entitled Modelling of Energy, Economy, and Environment for Sustainable Energy System Design in Indonesia. Then in 2014, he went to Energy-economics Lab., Graduate School of Energy Science, Kyoto University for his master’s thesis.

Selected Papers and Publications

  • W. W. Purwanto, Y. W. Pratama, Y. S. Nugroho, G. F. Hertono, D. Hartono, and T. Tezuka, “Multi-objective optimization model for sustainable Indonesian electricity system: Analysis of economic, environment, and adequacy of energy sources,” Renewable Energy 81, 2015, pp. 308–318
  • Pratama, Y. W. (2014). Spatial multi-objective optimization of electricity system in Indonesia: The role of renewable energy in a sustainable energy system. M.Eng. Thesis: Universitas Indonesia, Depok.
  • Widodo Wahyu Purwanto, Yuswan Muharam, Yoga Wienda Pratama, Djoni Hartono, Harimanto Soedirman, and Rezki Anindhito. Status and outlook of natural gas industry development in Indonesia. Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, Volume 29, 2016, Pages 55-65