Hamdan H.

Dynamic modeling Biofuels Industry in Indonesia


Clearing process of fire smoke using nano material


Non-thermal plasma reactor for CO2 and CH4 gases conversion

Eva F.K.

Intensification of ozonation process using hydrodynamic and ultrasonic cavitation

Indar K.

Hydrogen production from water using nanosize fotocatalytic


Sustainable algabiofuel production with CO2 from flue gas and waste water as feedstocks

Qoyum T.

Natural gas as fuel substitution: Infrastructure optimization and its impact on national economy

P.D.K. Wulan

Methane decomposition reaction to produce CNT : Reaction kinetics and Reactor modelling

Akhmad H.

Biofuel sustainability systems modeling

Soeprapto S.

Natural gas production using marginal cost analysis

N. Rusnaeni

Development of nanocatalysts for PEMFC

A. Hamid

High Performance PtCo/C Electrocatalyst for Cathode Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell

Sri Handayani

Synthesis membrane for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell


Electro-oxidation processes for Direct Ethanol Fuel Cell

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