Alumni – Undergraduate

Class of 2021

Shaina Islamey

Techno-Enviro-Economic Analysis of Dimethyl Ether (DME) Production Integrated with PV Electrolysis Hydrogen and CO2 from Cement Plant

Made Windhu Dwipayana

Long-term Strategy of Fuel Supply Mix in Indonesia until 2050

Vida Zinia Putri Hardjono

Renewable Energy System Integration Planning for Sebira Island Productive Zone

M. Revian Amani Mulyadi

Techno-Enviro-Economic Analysis of Torrefaction Treated Palm Kernel Shell for Co-Firing process in Cement Production

Class of 2020

Alya Hafiza Vivadinar

Techno-Enviro-Economic Study of Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil Production from Crude Palm Oil and Renewable Hydrogen

M. Azkia Rifqi

Small Scale LNG Supply Chain Optimization from LNG Plant to Regasification Unit

Calvin Fernando

Techno-economy Analysis of a Small Scale Power-to-Green Urea Plant

Surya Ayuati Ning Asih

Techno-enviro-economic Analysis of Coal Power Plant Integrated with Chemical Looping and Methanol Synthesis

Shanti Mustika

Multi-Objective Optimization of Blending Strategy of FAME, HVO, and Petroleum Diesel

Class of 2019

Arif Henryawan

Optimization of Small-Scale Natural Gas Liquefaction Using Nitrogen Expander with Pre-Cooled Cycle

Arnan Kuncoro

Analysis of Energy-Water Nexus Palm Oil Biodiesel Production in Riau Using Life Cycle Assessment and Water Footprint Methods

Felix Pratama

Thermoeconomic assessment and optimization of wells to flash–binary cycle using pure R601 and zeotropic mixtures in the Sibayak geothermal field

Ainun Rahmania

Simulation of Boil Gas Effect Along LNG Supply Chain on Quality and Quantity of Natural Gas

Ahmad Syauqi

An MINLP Multi-Period Multi-Objective Optimization of Advanced Power Plant through Gasification of Municipal Solid Waste

Luthfi Kamal

Dynamic Simulation and Control of Unloading and Holding Small-Scale Onshore LNG Regasification Terminal

Class of 2018

Desti Octavianthy

Smart Energy System Development in Smart City hrough Municipal Solid Waste Utilization: Case Study In Depok

M. Raihan Fuad

Development of Polygeneration Mini Grid for Generating Electricity, Production Of Clean Water, and Cold Storage: Techno-Economic Analysis

Rafi Irzani

Simulation and Analysis of Integrated Carbon Capture Process with Methanol-to-Olefin using Renewable Hydrogen

Adrian Ramadhan

Techno Economic Analysis of Waste to Energy using Anaerobic Digestion for Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Generation

Nabila Putri Salsabila

Development of integrated renewable energy system model for rural productivity zone in East Nusa Tenggara

Kezia Dara Euodia

Techno-Economics Analysis of Low-Enthalpy Geothermal on A Combined Cooling, Heating, and Power Generation (CCHP) System in Hotel Building

Silva Amanat Taqwa

A Superstructure Based Enviro-Economic Optimization for Production Strategy of Oil Palm Derivatives

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