August 31, 20153:21 am Authored By: ui_user

Said CiracasJAKARTA – Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR), Sudirman Said, today (24/08), officially opened the Energy Brigade Briefing and In-House Energy Management MBA (ENEMBA) program that was held in Education and Training Center of EBTKE (Pusdiklat EBTKE), Ciracas. The program would be aimed to make 1128 EMR officers as an ambassador in socializing the energy saving.

“At this time, the condition of Indonesia’s energy gets crisis, oil and gas production decreases, but the consumption increases. Then, the infrastructure ability is not able to serve the society need. As a result, it creates a distance between the ability to serve the society and energy consumption need,” said Sudirman in his speech.

To overcome those problems, Sudirman explained that two approaches could be conducted through minimalist and struggle approach. For the minimalist approach, we work only based on our own ability, so it will make the crisis is bigger. For the struggle approach, we chose to do what would be needed by the nation and society.

“The aspect that can support the second approach are creativity, effort, skill, knowledge, and bravery to take a risk. These aspects are required to bridge the capability and need,” said Sudirman.

Furthermore, Sudirman stated that beyond some needed aspects, there were aspects that interfere efforts in bridging the capability and need, namely exaggerated pragmatism, short term perspective, state betrayal, and corruptive. To avoid those interfered aspects, Sudirman advised to maximize what we have including creativity, effort, technology, science, and bravery.

“Education is a good investment. Therefore, you should take an advantage of this opportunity to add the knowledge because you will be an ambassador of EMR to explain to public on how we manage energy in the future. So, use optimally this opportunity,” Sudirman closed. (NA)

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