Alumni – Master

Desi Riana Saputri

Ni/CaO-γ-Al2O3@Ru Core Shell Synthesis for Hydrogen Production through Bio-oil Steam Reforming of Empty Fruit Bunch

Muhammad Rizqi

Techno Economic Analysis of Natural Gas Fired Combined Cooling Heating and Power (CCHP) System Application at Hotel Building

Dewi Marlitha

Comparison of Financing Scheme PSC and TBS of Floating LNG in Indonesia

Arif Rakhmawan

Optimization of Small Scale LNG Supply Chain to Power Plant in Eastern Indonesia

Onne Aswin Alamsyah

Development Indonesia’s Natural Gas Market With Hybrid Market Approach

Dony Syehnul

Effect of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) Quality and Fuel-Air Ratio on Performance of MSW Power Plant with Plasma Gasification Technology

Dedy Priambodo

Energy, Exergy dan Economic Analysis for HTGR-Rankine Steam Cycle Cogeneration: Combine Cooling and Power

Faris Arianto Aji

Modelling and Optimization of Natural Gas Market in West Java Area to Maximize Consumer Social Welfare Value and Gas Producer Net Back Value.


Enhancing strategy on renewable hydrogen production in a continuous bioreactor with packed biofilter from sugary wastewater | Effect of concentration on biohydrogen production in a continuous stirred bioreactor using biofilm induced packed-carrier

Yoga Wienda Pratama

Multi-objective optimization model for sustainable Indonesian electricity system: Analysis of economic, environment, and adequacy of energy sources | Multi-objective optimization of a multiregional electricity system in an archipelagic state: The role of renewable energy in energy system sustainability

Nok Afifah

Assessing the impact of techno socioeconomic factors on sustainability indicators of microhydro power projects in Indonesia: A comparative study

Ardhana Atmayudha

Cost and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Optimization of Crude Oil Logistics from Oil Fields to Refinery Unit

Anita Faradilla

Geospatial Analysis, Design Optimization, and Levelized Cost of Solar Power Generation Systems

Nadira Cahyaning

Design of DKI Jakarta’s Smart Energy System: Modeling and Optimization

Ahmad Syauqi

Tropical Country High Resolution Multi-Energy System Long-Term Planning Using Multi-Objective Optimization: East Java Regional Case Study


Long-term planning of the fuel system in Indonesia using optimization


District energy system planning: Integration of distributed generation in the power grid for a low-carbon future

Farhan Surury

Transportation Cost and Green House Gas Emissions Optimization of Petroleum Products Logistic Distribution in the Commercial Distribution Region III

Muhammad Nizami

Developments of Natural Gas High CO2 Contents to LNG and Dimethyl Ether with CO2 Sequestration: A Case Study of East Natuna Gas Field

Bondan Adinugroho

Techno-economic Feasibility of Power and Steam Plant Replacement at the Arun LNG Plant Gas Processing Facility to replace existing Gas Turbine Generator (GTG) and Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG)

Ary Heryanto

Analysis of Joint LNG Lifting on Gas Processing at Badak LNG Plant in East Kalimantan

Nadhilah Reyseliani

High Time Resolution Optimization for Indonesia Electricity System Transition

Judi Winarko

Comparative Study of Type of Regasification of Onshore and Offshore LNG for Gas Supply of Power Plant in Java

Kriska Setyawati

Techno-Economic Analysis of Natural Gas Based Polygeneration System of Electricity, Cooling, Heating – Case Study in Manokwari West PapuaTechno-Economic Analysis of Natural Gas Based Polygeneration System of Electricity, Cooling, Heating – Case Study in Manokwari West Papua

Desti Octavianthy

Simulation and Multi Objective Optimization of Waste To Energy Using Municipal Solid Waste in Depok

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